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....Should I have my property professionally furnished and styled before I put it on the market?

There are three reasons why people professionally furnish and style property:

  1. to enhance photography for the purpose of marketing and advertising
  2. to increase the number of potential buyers and get traffic through the door
  3. to of course, ultimately maximise the return and achieve the very best result on the sale of the property

In short, skilful Property Styling significantly increases the appeal of the property!

At Kord we understand this and we understand you; we also understand what your buyers are looking for when they inspect your property!

Our team of Stylists is completely dedicated to designing a furniture and accessory package that will present your property at its absolute best.

Ask any buyer why they purchased a particular property and they will probably answer "we saw it and just fell in love, we knew it was the right one - it just felt right!"  Never underestimate the power of emotion "it just felt right!"

We have all experienced that amazing 'wow' feeling you get when you enter a beautiful room or see a stunning interior in a design magazine - this emotion is completely achievable at your property!

A property that evokes this kind of emotion has been very thoughtfully considered - balance, colour, proportion, style, accent and texture all come together to highlight and enhance the shell of the property.

Property Styling has become an intelligent and important part of the marketing campaign - executed correctly, styling can transform a tired, lifeless house into a warm, inviting and most of all, appealing home.

Thoughtful furniture selection and placement, enhanced by accessorising and dressing the property can only do one thing, and that is increase the appeal of the property!

Give your property the best chance of achieving a terrific result -

  • Increase the number of potential buyers interested in your property
  • Enhance street signage and hard marketing material
  • Give your property the edge over others
  • Maximise the financial return on the sale
  • Wow buyers and create emotion as they enter the property
  • Ensure online advertising and photos catch the attention of as many buyers as possible

Selling a property is a major financial decision and investment, let Kord help you maximise the return on your investment!

Whether you are selling a studio apartment or a family home, a new development or an older property, our styling packages will ensure your property looks amazing and presents at its very best!

Call and speak to one of our expert Stylists today and arrange a free site inspection and no obligation quotation (Furniture hire and styling only).